Re: Multiple SDR# instances running concurrently


Hi Joanna,

This is approximately what I do, but something like profiles (or support for multiple configuration files, like in the Spyserver) would make it very easy, only one program folder to maintain. Just an idea that could be added to the "to do" list.

73 de Ignacio, EB4APL

El 24/01/2019 a las 0:09, jdow escribió:
    Load in SDRSharp to its own folder.

    Right click on SDRSharp.exe and select Create shortcut.

    Copy the shortcut to your 12 folders.

    For each folder: (Painful part)

        Right click and select properties.

        Edit the "Start in:" to show the folder name containing the shortcut.


    Load in the new SDRSharp,


Now you PROBABLY could create an intermediate folder "...\SDRSharp". Load each version in to its own folder, "...\SDRSharp1670". Create the shortcut. Copy the shortcut for the version you want to run into "...\SDRSharp". Then you could check earlier versions when a new version shows some peculiar behavior.


On 20190123 07:37:56, EB4APL wrote:

I currently run several instances of SDR# and I have multiple copies of
the program folder which only differs in the configuration files, which
are tailored for different receivers.

While I think that I did my homework, I didn't found a trick for using
different profiles and only a program folder, such the one used with
Spyserver. While I tried the same schema, it did not work. Is it
possible to do it now or maybe something planned for the future?. This
way updating the program only in one folder is much better than doing it
in more than my current 12 copies.

Best regards,

Ignacio, EB4APL

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