Re: Multiple SpyServer instances running concurrently with SDR#


On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 03:51 PM, <hoofdeigenwijs@...> wrote:

I am running 2 instances of the server from 2 different folders does not help. I tried that and I think the problem is that the Spyserver only claims the USB device if someone connect to it. I can run the spyserver, no clients connected, than I can start SDRSharp which runs the rtl-sdr which I did want to "assign" to the server and then when a client connects Spyserver says it cannot clame the usb device. 

I try to setup one Spyserver with converter, 13 cm down to 1492 MHz which works quite nice, but if the "other spyserver" tuned to 436 MHz gets the dongle which is connected to the downconverter the rx is unusable.

I have 2 dongles with different serial number, is there a chance that either Spyserver claims the dongle right after the start and stays connected to that dongle so that I can start the 2 spyserver instances in order ?



Dongle is a very board term nowadays. What dongle? Are you sure your serial number is an actual serial number and not an index? Why do you run the server in multiple folders? Are you aware of the recommended method used to run multiple instances of the server with multiple configs?

I am exposing two HF+ devices from home using two instances of SpyServer with specific configurations residing in the same folder and they do not "steal" the devices from each other.

If you read carefully the old discussions in this mailing list, you will probably get all the answers. Do your homework.

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