Re: Airspy software for RDS PI

Ian DXer

Hi Les,

Nice to hear from you & thanks for your enquiry.

Firstly; nice piece of kit you have there in your DX arsenal. I'm very envious :-)

Rather than keeping you waiting on a full reply to your enquires I'll just focus for the moment
on the one SDR# add-on you MUST add to SDR# if you are serious about FM DXing or DXing in general & want to use SDR#.
It's the IF Processor by Vaisili. Get it here:

It has a customizable asymmetric IF filter processor, ie you can independently alter the lower or higher or both sides of the filter sides
in terms of the passband (but not alter the side gradient slopes, but there is a switch to switch between brick wall skirts & formal filter).
I use this regularly for adjacent channel interference to good effect in many cases to improve intelligibility & listening experience.
The other great feature of the this add on is that you can add as many programmable/customised notch frequency nulls as you care to.
For each notch you create, you can alter both its bandwidth & notch depth. It's all relatively straight forward & these notches are saved to a file
& you can activate all notches or deactivate as you wish & add & delete notches as you wish. How good is that?
With regard to my DX experiences with SDR# & the Airspy HF+, having this addon has been the difference between IDing or receiving a station 
and not, simple as that.

If your rxer site is affected by RFI with sharp narrow spikes on fixed freq (whatever the source) or your SDR generates some sharp erroneous signals on fixed frequencies,
you'l find the addon most valuable. With FM BCB transmissions the bandwidth used is usually quite wide, so notching out a sharp spike is easy to do with little degradation to
resultant audio (from a DXer perspective).
A cautionary piece of advice, if you wish to calibrate the freq if your SDR, it's advisable to do this before creating a whole heaps of programmable notches & also to create the notches after your 
SDR has warmed up a little.

There's a few addons I wish to investigate (not tried yet) that might be useful & that's SDR# Plugin Manager, Time Shift SDR (if still available) & Audio Processor

BTW to save me some time. What aspects of RDS interests you?
SDR# does the basics of PI, PS & RT well
SDR Console v3 (June 2018 version) does the majority of the needed RDS data very nicely. (Sorry I can't comment on the latest
version as I had a FFT tuning display problem that I need to try on my more recent (hardware) Windows 10 machine, before putting up my hand in the classroom for help.)
In general the in-house RDS decoders probably work better (on the above programs) & less hassle than the 3rd party addons unless you really want the extra data group info
or do special stuff with it (just my thoughts).


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