Re: Airspy software for RDS PI

Ian DXer

Hi Paul,

Paul said> That is, is the HF+ the best option for FM DX or is the R2 better. I take it from your comments they're at least equal.

No, no. Certainly not equal, different animals, horses for courses between the two SDR's I'd say. I don't own a R2.
This page summaries the important differences between the two SDRs via the bar graphs.

I can't help with your ethernet, remote stations via Internet plans sorry.
One name however comes to mind; Christoph Ratzer (Austria), he might have been down the path that you wish to tread re remote rxers connected via
Internet - but don't quote me, I might be wrong.
Else someone here or at your local HAM club might be able to assist.
I can sympathise re the steep learning curve bit. Can be (is) a battle keeping up with technologies.

FYI I need to update my version of SDR# & re-evaluate performance changes. Looks like Youssef with Leif's assistance some made important improvements
past six months. 



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