Re: Airspy software for RDS PI

Ian DXer

G'day Paul,

Happy New Year.

Very pleased to hear that you are contemplating purchase of the Airspy HF+, especially for networking, hopefully that might
include an addition to the Airspy Server network or Simon's in the future ;-)

I've commented to several dxers over here at how good the HF+ is for HF/VHF (FM DX etc), over the past year, but I suspect
fallen on several deaf ears. I commented my praise & encouragement of the product to Nicholas Hardyman earlier in the year 
hoping for a review of the product in WRTH 2019, well that was never in doubt - nor the positive review :-)

For your reference Youssef is also the developer of SDR# & recommended to me early in 2018 the addition of several SDR# addons.
Several SDR# addons makes this a very powerful SDR is tough FM DX conditions.
In fact I would consider at least one a necessity to (easily) overcome the spurs on 98.3 & 97.5MHz (re notch filter with the IF processor add-on).
Check this forum &

SDR# RDS RT problem was fixed by Youssef  earlier in the year thanks to encouragement from Joanne & myself.
SDR# does of course provide the useful PI codes.
As Simon eluded to there's a couple of programs ideal for your purposes (RDS etc). I like Simon's program for comprehensive
RDS functionality &  ease of use & memory functionality etc.
That said there are some SDR# add ons that provide more RDS information.

Hope the above helps.



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