HOWTO connect to a #spyserver running an AIRSPYHF+ in #spyserver #gnuradio


I have spent the better part of a full day trying to get this to work, and I am looking for help from anyone that has already succeeded at this. I have tried Ubuntu 16.04LTS, 18.04LTS, and finally 18.10. I have tried installing gnuradio via apt-get, and installing using PyBOMBS. In all cases I get the osmosdr and rtl-sdr sources, and I can get a basic RTL2832U tuner to work, and I can connect to that tuner via an rtl_tcp server running on a raspberry pi. But I can't seem to connect to a SpyServer in gnuradio. Has anyone gotten this to work? I have a hobby project that I would like to do, but I can't get started until I can get HF bands into gnuradio. Help is appreciated.    

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