Re: New SDR# and SpyServer release r1700 with directory listing #airspy #sdrsharp #spyserver

andrea ottaviani

Thank you for your useful advice.
You're an angel protector!

best 73 de IK0MMI

On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 02:28 PM, prog wrote:
Thanks. Now you have allow_control = 0, so you can allow many clients to connect at the same time without problems. For that, you can set:
maximum_clients = 10

Since you are also using an Airspy R2, you can also add/uncomment these:

force_8bit = 1
initial_gain = <set something suitable - Use SDR# to figure it out>
maximum_bandwidth = 15000

I see you want to cover the 2m ham band with 10MSPS. I think 2.5 MSPS is enough and will save a lot of CPU:
device_sample_rate = 2500000

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