Re: New SDR# and SpyServer release r1700 with directory listing #airspy #sdrsharp #spyserver


On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 05:47 PM, <haz62@...> wrote:
Any chance for a web client to connect to a spyserver in a web browser and an Android client? 
The purpose of the SpyServer is not to have yet another fancy but limited web interface. The whole idea behind this architecture is to access remote radios while still benefiting from the power of a desktop application with all its plugins and specialized DSP processing. I need to get extremely bored to go the full web road - and there's a lot of stuff to do for the upcoming years. If you only need a radio on the web, you can use the wonderful OpenWebRX. It works fine with all Airspy products.

I don't know why but my spyserver doesn't always show up in the spyserver list. It appears then disappears. What could be the problem  
Check your internet.

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