Re: Airspy HF+ used with Icom 7600

Mark Jessop

I've used other HF SDRs with an IC-7600 - the panadapter in the 7600 is a bit weak (but it is quite an old radio), so having the separate external panadapter is definitely nice.

Probably the best way to hook it up (in my opinion) is using the RX loop ports and a 2-way power divider. Connect the RX Loop 'OUT' port on the rig to the input of the divider, connect one output of the divider to the RX Loop 'IN' port, and the other to the Airspy HF+. Of course this means a 3dB loss of signal, but short of cracking the radio open and tapping into an IF somewhere, it's a small price to pay...

As for software, I've previously used Simon Brown's SDR Console and OmniRig to allow SDR Console's VFO to track the 7600's VFO, and vice-versa. There may be a plugin for SDR# that allows similar functionality, but I haven't checked recently.

This kind of setup works well on any rig with RX Loop Ports (higher end Icoms, Elecraft K3, etc).

Mark VK5QI

On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 6:59 PM Mel <teammel@...> wrote:
Is anyone using the Airspy HF+ with the Icom 7600?
I would be interested in:
1. How you have it all connected?
2. What you think of this arrangement?

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