Re: New SDR# and SpyServer release r1700 with directory listing #airspy #sdrsharp #spyserver

J P Watters <kc9kko@...>

I would like to run the native air spy server and BlackCat Systems
to serve a airspy R2 with a spyverter such that the I/Q stream could be decoded by both native air spy software and native OSX software such as SDRx

The issue is that SDRx only will decode the RFSPACE protocol.

How would I install BlackCat Systems
on a raspberry pi 3B+ or an Odroid U4 that would also serve the the native Airspy server protocol.

I would typically just use either the SDR-radio V3 (on windows) or SDRx(on MACOSX) at separate times
or if the software would allow it use both programs at the same time. 

Please advise of how to best install these two programs to coexist on one rPi or OdroidU4 server.


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