Re: New SDR# and SpyServer release r1700 with directory listing #airspy #sdrsharp #spyserver

andrea ottaviani

Bello, good Job.
But I have Airspy One R2 and I see Airspy mini
By default I set AUTO but not recognize my SDR.
Thank you

Best 73 de IK0MMI

Il giorno 4 nov 2018, alle ore 23:26, prog <info@...> ha scritto:

[Edited Message Follows]

Hi all,

Check the latest and greatest SDR# / SpyServer release with many new features to make adding and using SpyServers easier than ever.
Whats new:
  • Automatic port and device detection in SpyServer (auto config),
  • Directory listing of online SpyServer instances with owner and setup info,
  • Interactive map representation of the online (and also offline) servers,
  • Interactive map of the current/last client(s) of any given server,
  • Embedded browser in SDR# to view and connect to the servers (no copy/paste needed),
  • New spyserver_ping utility to check the actual latency between you and any given server.
Update your servers and make them available for your friends!
Remember to configure your name, antenna location and a small description of the setup, and most importantly, remember to redirect the streaming ports on your router.




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