Re: AirSpy HF+ on linux?

Roberto Zinelli

Il giorno 17 ago 2018, alle ore 17:01, W Boring (hemna) <waboring@...> ha scritto:

Hey guys,
   I just got a shiny new Airspy HF+ and have been having problems getting any linux based app to work with it at all.
I am trying on 2 different linux systems.  One is a raspberry pi 3 b+ running raspbian stretch.  The other is a laptop
running SUSE Leap 42.3.

What I'd like to do is get openwebrx working with it, and I've tried the follow the fork of the airspyhf lib here:
but it just doesn't seem to work.

I have built and installed the airspyhf lib from here:
which installs here:

└─[$] <git:(master*)> ls -al /usr/local/lib
total 52
drwxrwsr-x  3 root staff  4096 Aug 17 10:44 .
drwxrwsr-x 10 root staff  4096 Jun 26 20:03 ..
-rw-r--r--  1 root staff 15792 Aug 17 10:44 libairspyhf.a
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root staff    16 Aug 17 10:39 ->
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root staff    20 Aug 17 10:39 ->
-rw-r--r--  1 root staff 23916 Aug 17 10:43
drwxr-sr-x  2 root staff  4096 Aug 17 10:39 pkgconfig

Running airspyhf_info seems to work

└─[$] <git:(master*)> airsairspyhf_info 
airspyhf_lib_version: 1.1.5
Found AirSpy board 1
Firmware Version: R1.00.00
Part ID Number: 0x00000001
Serial Number: 0x3230342034313037
Supported sample rates:
0.768000 MSPS
Close board 1

But openwebrx seems to not work with it.   If I set a sample rate as suggested to 768000, it fails.

root@airspy:~/openwebrx# airspyhf_rx -f144.9 -r /dev/stdout -a768000 -g8 -b0
argument error: unsupported sample rate

I filed an issue on github here:

If I leave out the sample rate on the start_rtl_command, openwebrx seems to start, but I get no real data, and I see errors.

root@airspy:~/openwebrx# ./ 
OpenWebRX - Open Source SDR Web App for Everyone!  | for license see LICENSE file in the package
Author contact info:    Andras Retzler, HA7ILM <randras@...>
[openwebrx-main] Configuration script not specified. I will use: ""
[openwebrx-main] nmux_bufsize = 192512, nmux_bufcnt = 260
[openwebrx-main] Started rtl_thread: airspyhf_rx -f144.9 -r /dev/stdout -g8 -b0| nmux --bufsize 192512 --bufcnt 260 --port 4951 --address
[openwebrx-main] Waiting for I/Q server to start...
nmux: listening on
Device Serial Number: 0x3230342034313037
airspyhf_set_hf_agc() failed: -1
Stop with Ctrl-C
[openwebrx-main] I/Q server started.
[openwebrx-main] Starting watchdog threads.
nmux: pthread_create() done, clients now: 1
client 0x18f00f8: started!
[openwebrx-main] Starting spectrum thread.
[openwebrx-spectrum] Spectrum thread initialized successfully.
[openwebrx-dsp-plugin:csdr] Command = nc -v 4951 | csdr fft_cc 4096 2844 | csdr logaveragepower_cf -70 4096 30 | csdr fft_exchange_sides_ff 4096 | csdr compress_fft_adpcm_f_u8 4096
client 0x18f00f8: CS_THREAD_FINISHED, client_goto_source = 2, errno = 32[openwebrx-main] Starting HTTP server.
[openwebrx-spectrum] Spectrum thread started.
nmux: pthread_create() done, clients now: 1
client 0x18f01e0: started!
Connection to 4951 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
Streaming at 0.768 MSPS

Bringing up the web interface in chrome works, but there is no real waterfall or signal coming from the board.

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