Portforwarding or proxy possible with spyserver ? #spyserver



Just joined this group, and browsed the first 30 pages or so for a solution to my problem.
Realised this could take a long time, so here's a quick question:

I'm running spyserver happily on a Linux machine in my network. From my (windows) laptop I can use SDR# to connect
to spyserver on that Linux machine, port 5555.
Sometimes, however, I'm in environments where all ports are blocked, except for 80 and 443, but would still like to be able to reach
my spyserver over the internet.

Is it possible to use an apache proxy to forward calls from, let's say, https://mysite.com/sdr to (locally) http://localserver:5555 ?

I quickly tried this out, using my Apache server on my site with this config :
ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /sdr/
where is the address of the spyserver machine.
This does not work, however.....

Any suggestions, please ?

Best regards,


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