Re: Got my Airspy HF+

Dana Myers

On 7/17/2018 10:28 AM, Stephen QRP via Groups.Io wrote:
Good question David, no one I have spoken with knows the answer and for some reason Youssef
is not saying how to identify the latest 4.7 nF coupling cap units.

I cannot understand why it's all a mystery, after all adding the 4.7 nF coupling cap was done for a good reason as explanied
by Youssef in his original post on the subject.

This coupling capacitor is in the HF antenna input circuit; the VHF input
is unchanged. For FM BCB DX, the VHF input is the one in use.

While I'm sure that the cap was changed in production months ago, it
probably doesn't make any difference at all in this particular case.

Dana  K6JQ

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