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Roberto Zinelli

My magnetic loop is at 40 cm from floor in garden but  away from home wall and home electric noise. 
73 Robert

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Il giorno 11 lug 2018, alle ore 19:18, Bazz <barry.whitehead@...> ha scritto:

So I now have my Raspberry Pi installed with a AirSpyHF+ running across the network (kit in the loft).
It is connected to a internal ALA1530 Wellbrook loop at about 6M above ground in the loft.

It works fine, accessing it from the ground floor PC or laptop, but I am getting massive amounts of noise during the day.

I have some ferrites on order (FT240-43) but is there anything else I can look at as well?

I was listening to 80M last night with good results, though I think I need to move the loop higher still.
(need to wait to get my DIY rotator sorted, and might move it outside (after some weather sealing).

Also, anyone know if it's possible to change the loop on a Wellbrook with a copper loop, larger than before?
I have another Wellbrook loop the LA5030 I want to play with.

Images and stuff to follow.

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