Re: Better RX for VHF/UHF #poll

Dana Myers

On 7/8/2018 2:22 PM, Lawrence Glaister wrote:
Ethernet pluses:
+++ isolated balanced signals,
+++ possible to use power over Ethernet (POE)
+++ much longer cable runs possible for remote device mounting
+++ very stable and well understood interface design

--- one of the most unstable and unreliable interfaces I have ever used
--- 20+ years after introduction, there still seem to be issues
--- writing code for the software stack is painful
--- limited power available
--- only short cables are within spec
--- seems the design committee(s) had a little too much to smoke
Ethernet minus:
  --- Magnetics are pricey
  --- Beware of ESD concerns from long Ethernet cable runs
       (PCB layout is more important)
  --- Much more software stack required (even for UDP-only)
       (Could be a LOT more, and require more expensive microcontrollers)
  --- PoE is WAY more expensive that USB power
       (USB just does that, and Ethernet, it's an add-on)
  --- UPnP required to get even close to USB-like auto-config
        (see above about software stack)

... and other stuff.

Do a whole system design, sell and support a product. Ethernet
is sexy to the programmers, USB is likely cheaper at the bottom-line.
Support costs to explain to customers how to configure Ethernet
alone are crushing.

Dana  K6JQ

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