Re: AstroSpy - automatic csv logging #radioastronomy

David J Taylor

Dear Developers
Long ago we requested the feature for data logging out of AstroSpy and we received the answer, that all the development power was focused on the release of the HF+. Because the HF+ is now out and running, I would like to bring up the question again.
Is it possible to extend AstroSpy for a periodically logging of the data into a csv or other kind of file?

Many thanks for your support

This is something many would find useful. I have a need for a simple programing interface to set frequency, and measure power. OK, you would need one-off receiver/mode/bandwidth setting as well, but that /could/ be done manually.

There is a sample plug-in available (Windows C# I think), so perhaps check that and see whether the signal level is something which is available as an output. There must be enough people writing plug-ins to at least state whether it is possible or not without having to extend the present software.

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