locked Re: VLF Reception

Alan G4ZFQ

Anyone wanting to test their VLF reception can now do so at the bottom end of HF+ range again, as the Russian Alpha navigation signals are now back on air after a near four month shutdown.  The 11.90, 12.65 and 14.88kHz signals are coming in well in the UK at the moment.

Thanks, I'd almost given up looking.
My HF+ does have the R3 mod. The only reception I get is on my discone, so I'd suggest anyone tries any "stupid" antenna they have.
(I've also tried my Wellbrook, various wires, dipoles, e-probes, vertical to simulate the discone's situation and receive nothing there.)
The discone also did very well on SAQ hearing the carrier leakage before they started keying. Surely I can make something better...

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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