locked Re: VLF Reception

Dana Myers

On 5/10/2018 11:37 AM, D R via Groups.Io wrote:
Anyone wanting to test their VLF reception can now do so at the bottom end of HF+ range again, as the Russian Alpha navigation signals are now back on air after a near four month shutdown.  The 11.90, 12.65 and 14.88kHz signals are coming in well in the UK at the moment.
Several months ago, I cobbled-together an e-probe antenna and had good
results with VLF reception here in California. I did the 'R3' mod (100nF cap

Recently, on a whim I connected my 25-1300MHz discone antenna to the HF
port. Without doing an A/B comparison, I can't say for sure, but I think it
works essentially as well as the e-probe did (and is less prone to overload).

I'll take a listen for the Russian Alpha stations this evening.


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