Re: SAQ reception


Listening Location: Puntal del Algibe, Eslida (Castellón) Spain. 950m ASL. IM99XV
Receiver(s): Airspy HF+ (LF mod bypassing with a thin wire)
Antenna(s): Homebrew K9AY 18m perimeter and 9:1 transformer using a 140/77 toroid.
Software: SDR#
CW filter 300Hz.
Server: Spyserver running on a RPi3B.
22km 5GHZ Wifi LOS link IM99XV <-> IM99WV

This is the first time I have received SAQ. I`m really surprised with the RX quality of Airspy HF+ on LF/MF.

Sound file is in mp3 format using Audacity to increase volume level and convert.

Best Wishes
Niceto, EA5ZL

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