Re: Windows 10 Pro-64 Spring Update (v.1830)

Dana Myers

On 5/2/2018 4:53 PM, Jack L. Metcalfe wrote:
Alberto I2PHD wrote:
On 5/2/2018 5:09 PM, Bjarne Mjelde wrote:

Sometimes, Windows updates may have unfortunate effects on hardware recognition. After updating one of my "radio" PCs,
I tested out the Airspy HF+ in HDSDR, SDR-Console V3 and SDR#. Just a brief test, but no issues noted.

Same here. Just after dinner, my laptop asked me the permission to perform a restart, in order to install V.1803 of Windows 10.  [...]

So, at least this time, it looks like the upgrading of Windows did not play havoc with at least the programs tested.

Same here. Spring Update applied. Airspy/SDR# still works. WSJT-X
still works. Virtual Audio Cable still works. Some various defaults
forgotten or reset, but easily dealt with.

After the new Windows installation, I had no audio at all on two computers! The VB Cable wouldn't work & neither did my Creative sound card. I uninstalled both programs, then reinstalled & everything worked like a champ. That's the first problem I've had with a Windows upgrade.

Windows sometimes gets confused or jumps to conclusions about which
audio device is supposed to be the default when I add one, and I've
never taken the time
to figure out how to disable this. The update
may have triggered Windows to do that auto-selection as if you were
adding a new one.

After the update, I had to re-select my default audio devices. No re-installation
was necessary; did you try re-selecting audio devices before re-installing?

Dana  K6JQ

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