Re: Remote receiver what antenna would you put?

Roberto Zinelli


Inviato da OldPhone

Il giorno 01 mag 2018, alle ore 01:53, Pierre Martel <petem001@...> ha scritto:

I coulb be able to install an AirSpyHF+ on top of a small mountain 680 meter high about 80 Km from my home but the closest habitation would be around 8 Km away. I should not have too much noise around.

Now I will be using a ubiquity device to communicate the signal and a RPI for the server. ( Yes it would be accessible to the net) . What kind of antenna would you put at such a premium site for clear reception?

Since it is one of the top spot around it must also be hit from time to time by lightning. This need to be factored in. I would like to use both input and receive as wide as I could. Ham stuff is my passion, but other services is also fun to listen to. 

Anyone care to give some idea? a long wire looks like the easiest, but again it must also pick a lot of spike when there is lightning in the air.


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