CPU Usage much to high with SDR# (V1655...V1666, Win7-64 Prof., i7-2700k @3,5GHz , 16GByte RAM #sdrsharp #RTL


I'm using SDR# for a while to receive signals from weather ballons.
I'm using an DVB-T and sometimes also DVB-T2 stick to receive the ~400Mhz signals.

Nevertheless, after about 10 minutes the CPU load increases from 5...10% to close to 100% and my PC gets very very slow.
If I don't stop SDR# the PC is collapsing after about 30min ... 1h.

I'm using the MPX add on to forward audio via VBCable (virtual cable), but disabling MPX / deactivating MPX addon doesn't help.

I see the same effect with my Core Duo Laptop.

Can anybody help?
Best Regards

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