Re: Truncated RT data for RDS within SDR#

Ian DXer

Thanks for putting the job on your list (low priority) Youssef - totally understand your attention to matters that drive your interest.
Hope your to-do list isn't as deep as mine ;-)

However to put the problem in perspective at my QTH; I did a quick survey of most FM RDS stations with RT tonight.
Test sample total: 13
Stations with RT displaying correctly: 6 (consisting of low budget community stations & high powered commercial)
* Stations with RT displaying incorrectly: 7 (consisting of high powered (HP) commercial, HP community & all HP National broadcasters)
Not a good result....

So for the interest of Simon (and maybe some others) it looks like the situation here is similar to the problems within the US with poorly
implemented RDS standard with many stations.

Did a count of numbers of displayed characters in instances where truncation occurs & yes is a multiple of 4. Thanks Joanne.



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