Re: Truncated RT data for RDS within SDR#

Ian DXer

Hi Joanne,

Thanks 4 feedback. This sounds exactly like the cause of the problem.
re: 'Some equipment does not terminate the left over bytes in a four byte text frame'
I haven't proven this, not sure yet how to test this with my available resources atm without further investigation.
I'm sure i could record a 16bit PCM baseband signal for Youssef (if required) of a sample effected station.

Joanne you mention: "..this is a lack of defensive programming I've brought to Youssef's attention several times now"
This reminds me of my Digital Electronics 2 'project' from my college years where students were required to
design a 'programmable security lock' using TTL/CMOS logic chips & other electronics.
I created most of the design whilst quietly lying in bed at 4am.
Unfortunately at project completion time I was marked down from 95% to 90% because my teacher found that my design had not catered for
users performing a mis-operation outside the design specification. I had actually thought about this error scenario occurring (and proved in testing) earlier
and knew it would
only take two logic gates to prevent this error, but foolishly decided during design & construction phase
it was just extra work, time & money to implement during a busy study schedule.
Moral of the story:- design engineers should cater for (all possible) error scenarios occurring during initial design or eg. patch/correct software where
later informed by users & in this example where broadcast engineers aren't feeding data as per RDS design specification, so end (SDR#) users aren't effected.
Just my personal learned experience ;-)

If it is indeed an easy fix for Youssef I'd be very appreciative of his investment of time to correct software for us both & no doubt more users.

Not sure how many of my local radio stations in Australia have this RDS RT problem (might do a count later tonight), not all use RT.
Certainly several stations are slack with correcting 'clock time' with their RDS despite me reporting problem.
Would be more satisfying for Youssef to program a fix rather than be disappointed with often lack of action (after reporting) to broadcast stations.

Thanks for feedback Simon. 


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