Re: Truncated RT data for RDS within SDR#

Simon Brown

There are some very poor FM Stereo/RDS transmissions in the US, all the exceptions to the rules can be found there.

Round here the BBC appears to be excellent, as do all national broadcasts I can pick up (France always, all of Europe and N. Africa when there's Sporadic-E).

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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Does the length of the text modulo four suggest anything to you? If so this is a lack of defensive programming I've brought to Youssef's attention several times now. Some equipment does not terminate the left over bytes in a four byte text frame according to specification. So the frame gets marked as an error and is never displayed. The fix is very easy to make. (I have a very old version of SDRSharp from when the source was available but not "open" in the conventional sense. I made the change and use it for the radio I keep running 24/7 on the local listener supported classical music station here in Los Angeles. (Pumps hand for KUSC.)

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