Truncated RT data for RDS within SDR#

Ian DXer

Hi Youssef & all,

Hope you can help out with this small problem I have with SDR#.

Problem Description: With some FM BCB radio stations with SDR# I experience a truncation of the last 2 to 3 characters
of the RT (Radio text), i.e last 2-3 characters missing. It doesn't appear to matter how long the RT text is. Maybe short-ish or long.
And sometimes; with different RT message, from same station, the full RT text length may appear.

For the record; Experienced with all SDR# releases I have tried in recent times. Also it is definitely a SDR# issue as Simon's SDR-Console v3 beta release
doesn't experience the same problem.

Setup: Occurs with Windows 7 Pro & Windows 10 Pro. Using HF+ latest firmware & using SDR Release 1664.
Have tested with local FM station on 104.9MHz

I could send you a RAW data file (if requested) as output from 3rd party RDS Data Logger plugin if that's of any use?

Don't know if any other users have experienced this same issue?

Any assistance much appreciated.


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