Re: Unable to install Airspy HF+ on windows 7 or windows 8.1 #airspyhfplus

Pete Smith <n4zr@...>

I think a part of the problem is that for those of us who were raised on yahoogroups or reflectors, the idea of a wiki even existing within the group structure is less than obvious.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 4/14/2018 1:26 PM, David Ranch wrote:

Hey Joanne,

This is a solid start to what I'd say should be in the wiki at:

At some point, we should point users to the Wiki to get their answers FIRST before posting a message as we generally cover the same topics over and over.  Anyway, I think if we all try to focus a little more on the Wiki and a little more less on emails, I think getting something substantial would be good.  Would you be willing to copy / paste this very email into a new Wiki entry for something like "My Airspy isn't being recognized" and others can then chime in with more details, tips, etc.  If you're too busy and you're ok with a copy /paste of your email, I can put it into the wiki for you.



On 04/13/2018 02:55 PM, jdow wrote:
If the other suggestions didn't help let's dig in a little deeper. Unplug ASHF+.
* Bring up Device Manager.
     Right click on "Computer". Select Properties at the bottom of the list of selections in the popup menu. On the big dialog that pops up select on the left "Device Manager" hotlink top of the left hand column.

* On the Device manager tree view note if anything appears under a "Ports (COM & LPT)" selection if it exists and under a "Universal Serial Bus devices" selection if it exists. (Expand them.)

* Now plug in the ASHF+.

* The Device Manager view should automatically refresh after a few moments. If it doesn't then it may be defective.

* Check if anything appears under "Universal Serial Bus devices". If so check what name it shows and note to the list about. You should expect "AIRSPY HF+" if everything is happy. But I suspect that won't be what you see.

* Check if anything appears under "Ports (COM & LPT)". If it does then an unprogrammed unit escaped manufacturing. This can probably be repaired "at home" fairly easily. Note the port which appears and let the list know. One of us can tell you in detail what to do in this case. (I'd try downloading the latest driver. Then pulling apart the "Flash.bat" file that comes wit it so I could manually perform the actual programming step manually. But if this is your problem listen to any advice from "prog" or "AirSpyUS" first rather than experimenting.)

* If nothing appeared then if you are patient you can look for changes elsewhere in the Device Manager that might be the ASHF+ appearing as something it shouldn't. Report what you find to the list.

So first you are looking to see if the USB system recognizes the device. If it doesn't a hardware repair is needed. If Device Manager refreshes then look for the appearance of AIRSPY HF+ in Device Manager under AIRSPY HF+ as a "Universal Serial Bus device". If it appears then the programs you are using have a problem. If AIRSPY HF+ does not appear then look for it to appear as a serial communications device. If that appears it means the ASHF+ hardware is showing its programming interface. If that is the case report it here and follow advice from Youssef (prog) or AirSpyHF+ (the US distributor.) I'd not right off recommend being fearless and manually programming the device right off. There might be some special event that must take place for an initial programming.

{^_^}  Joanne

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