Re: Unable to install Airspy HF+ on windows 7 or windows 8.1 #airspyhfplus

Alan G4ZFQ

Are you suggesting I used Zadig (I have no idea what it is)

No, not me "prog" the actual software writer and developer of the HF+ said "libwdi means someone had the bright idea to use Zadig for the HF+."
Which was accusing you of doing this.
As you do not even know what Zadig is then he was wrong. [Zadig is a driver installer for other devices, notably the RTL SDR.]
Sorry, you seem to have done all the correct things. I hope prog comes up with an answer. "libwdi" must have come from somewhere else.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

I simply plugged the AHF+ into a USB port and  I have already explained what happened then. When it would not work I downloaded the WinUSB Compatibilty Driver and followed the online instructions and it still would not work. Apart from trying it on three different pcs and also trying the USB cable from my AS that is all I have done.
>> libwdi means someone had the bright idea to use Zadig for the HF+.
>> Unsupported scenario: There's no uninstaller for that driver.
>> Only remaining advice: Fix your drivers and NEVER improvise.

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