Re: Airspy HF+ install and MW question

Dana Myers

On 4/2/2018 9:38 AM, Bjarne Mjelde wrote:
The MW sensitivity (AM mode, 6 kHz bandwidth, 30 % modulation) in unmodified state is -95 dBm or 4uV. Unless you live in a very low signal level environment, this is "enough". However, sensitivity decreases with frequency, so if you want to DX LW, the sensitivity in unmodified condition is pedestrian. The sensitivity after the R3 bypass is -110 dBm or 0.7uV. If you have basic soldering skills, the mod is trivial.
I vaguely recall prog mentioning that the factory-installed 'R3' (it's actually a
capacitor) has been changed at the factory to a much larger value than the
initial production run - coincident with the firmware update.

Do you take this into account, Bjarne?


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