Re: AIRSPY HF+ Audio Popping/Clicking Noise whilst tuning MW/SW bands (AGC?)

Ian DXer

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 06:33 pm, jdow wrote:
Filters are likely being tuned. That means there will be a slight change in
amplitudes taking place. That may be what you are hearing. If you are tuned dead
center on the screen the clicking is probably the I/Q balance software. This is
what tunes out the phase and amplitude imperfections in sampling reducing the
center pip.
Thanks for the helpful & considered feedback Joanne (this topic & other recent). I'm still on the learning curve with SDR digital technology.
 > If you are tuned dead center on the screen the clicking is probably the I/Q balance software.
Yes I guess that is what Youssef was briefly hinting at. And Simon's SDR Console v3 software doesn't have centre tuning.
And if I understand/interpret correctly from last message from Youssef the different AGC's & Filtering between SDR# & SDR Console
may yield different results re clicking noise or not whilst tuning, re my citing of previous examples in past messages.

>There is also possibility of rapidly changing signal strengths in high signal environment of experiencing random occasional popping/clicking noise whilst not tuning,
When time permits, if I can find examples etc I may need to take & unload videos - if I'm convinced sufficiently that problem isn't an external noise source(s) AND also whilst
freq wasn't fixed on centre tuning position (given feedback) - more testing required by yours truly.

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