Re: AIRSPY HF+ Audio Popping/Clicking Noise whilst tuning MW/SW bands (AGC?)

Ian DXer

Thanks guys for your feedback/experiences.

Youssef your comments & suggestions noted - thanks.
Switching to 'free tuning' (from centre tuning mode) suggestion does definitely help (thank you) & it solves the visual jumping in spectrum noise floor whilst tuning. 
But I did still discover an example of where there's still clicking with 'free tuning' (see below).

SETUP: Switched to 'free tuning' mode, 1kHz step tuning. Strong signal on 1539kHz (SNR 77.3dB) -16.7dBFS. If I start my tuning (eg 1590kHz) towards this strong signal (at higher freq) with no other
strong signals between my starting position & 1539kHz all is fine until I get to around  1577kHz from there (approx), as I tune my way towards 1539kHz the clicking starts.

Is this clicking noise a trade-off to gain the very best rxer performance with your regular AGC tweaking/enhancements with firmware & SDR#? Just curious.
I don't hear the clicking with Simon's SDR-Radio with that cited sample above, but that said it's difficult comparing apples with bananas when I haven't installed Simon's HF+ kit for SDR-Radio v3 for the
AGC enhancements/functionality with HF+.

The clicking noise isn't a major issue for me. I'd much rather have the enhanced performance. But I raise the point is case there is a software/coding work-around that provides a better user experience without trade-off.

There is also possibility of rapidly changing signal strengths in high signal environment of experiencing random occasional popping/clicking noise whilst not tuning, but I need to do more testing before
risking 'sending you on a wild goose chase' (ie. before the risk of wasting your time with my observations).



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