AIRSPY HF+ Audio Popping/Clicking Noise whilst tuning MW/SW bands (AGC?)

Ian DXer

For Youssef & all interested.

INTRO: Not sure when this problem was first noted (as I've mainly been focused on the FM BCB since purchase in January) , but issue occurs for me on the MW & HF bands, but particularly on MW where
RF signals are strongest at my QTH. I have many 5kW MW TXers within 2-3kms of my QTH (perhaps some operating at higher than licenced power, anyway...).

I'm currently using latest firmware 1.6.3 (updated today from 1.6.1) & latest v R1655 of SDR#

Probably I only really noted the issue earlier in the week when I focused by attention on MW/HF. I temporary wound & connected a quick experimental MW/HF torrid (unan) for better improved Z match, isolation /noise reduction & to improve signals using a longwire antenna. I don't think the fault was evident with original firmware or much earlier software. [Upgraded from original firmware on Feb 27th.]

THE PROBLEM: If I tune across the MW band with 1kHz steps I experience a loud/distracting click/popping noise every 1kHz & I also note if I decrease the steps to 100Hz that the popping doesn't occur as frequently, perhaps once or twice for every 400Hz of tuned spectrum & not as loud.
Also I note that when the popping/clicks occur that the spectrum display briefly rises & lowers.
FYI no horizontal lines on waterfall display as one might see when light switches or thermostats operate, but noise similar or identical whilst tuning.

I compared my tuning of same RF spectrum with Simon Brown's SDR-Radio v3 beta 2 release software & I DON'T experience any clicking/popping noise at all.
It's just a very nice smooth continuous audio experience like tuning an analogue receiver.
Please note I have NOT downloaded Simon's new kit for the HF+ with SDR-Radio v3 that incorporates the AGC features for HF+, just using his generic version, therefore I think I can exclude my AIRSPYHF+ device & my
external environment (HF+). 

Also please note I reinstalled a fresh new version of SDR# v1655 this evening with default settings & fault still evident.

Given the symptoms it sounds me me like a AGC software related issue or setting (If I was to make a guess), not sure if my challenging QTH RF environment is partly implicated.

This evening I removed the torrid unan, but popping/click issue still there when tuning normal/larger steps, eg 1kHz or 9kHz etc
(And of course signals higher and EMI/RFI soup worse.)

I would much welcome suggestions or investigation into this problem or knowing if others are experiencing similar.

If more details wanted of issue please request specifics.

Thanks :-)


NB: With the exclusion of the above issue; the AIRSPYHF+ handles my strong MW signal environment really well with reception of distant weak stations among the many very strong local transmitters.

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