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On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 04:21 am, Chris Smolinski wrote:
I'd need to check my email history for the exact details, but I went through a series of tests, passing the information back to Youssef, when I first got the AirSpyHF+. From memory, the MW intermod/images/aliases were a function of the station frequency and the AirSpyHF+ center frequency, as well as a 5 kHz tuning offset (part of the library on the computer side). Again I don't recall the exact relationship, it has been several months. I can mostly work around them with careful selection of the center frequency. They're not present to any degree with other radios, SDRs or otherwise, using the same (or other) antennas. I mostly use the AirSpyHF+ on HF where it isn't as much of an issue. I believe I have occasionally noted some similar products on HF involving mixing of strong SWBC stations. It doesn't happen often, and Radio Habana Cuba (the land of inept radio engineering) is often involved, so draw your own conclusions :)

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Chris, this is a completely different topic. We are discussing the impact of the latest firmware that affects the control of the analog front-end.

You can start a new thread for the IQ correction algorithm and how it behaves with different signal situations. This will avoid more confusion.

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