Re: Gain settings with Firmware 1.6.2 #airspyhfplus #bestpractice #firmware

Roberto Zinelli

Giovanni, with 1.6.2 i put  AIRSPY-HF ACG OFF and set attenuator -12 DB,   the overral noise figure for me is better then 1.6.1

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 11:03 PM, Giovanni Carboni <iz5pqt@...> wrote:
Here are three spectra around 738 kHz taken with a) FW 1.6.2;  b) FW 1.6.2 plus an external 20 dB attenuator;  c) FW 1.6.1.
As you see in case a) the reception is totally washed out. The only way to get a reasonable spectrum with 1.6.2 is to turn off the AGC in SDR# and insert a lot of attenuation.

73 Giovanni

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