Re: AirSpy HF+ flashing again #firmware


Hi Ingemar,

1.  Look under Source:Airspy HF+ in SDR Sharp.
2.  You can use any version whenever you like.
3.  You'll get many answers to this question, as peoples' experiences appear to differ.  In my case I need to use the recovery procedure for every update, but others can use the "standard" procedure.  Neither option is anything to be afraid of.
4.  It will probably die at some time, but hopefully not for several years, and after many updates


From: I L <ingemar.lekteus@...>
Sent: Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 12:48
Subject: [airspy] AirSpy HF+ flashing again #firmware

I am new to the group and a new HF+ owner. I have not been able to find answers to a couple of questions. In case they already have been discussed I hope you will apologize me for bringing them up again.

1. How do I find out what firmware version my HF+ uses?
2. When I want to upgrade, can I go directly to the latest version or do I need to follow a certain sequence?
3. There is a recovery procedure mentioned in README.txt. As I got the RX just recently I suppose the firmware version is not the first one so I hope I can use the standard procedure.  But to be sure I need an answer to the first question and I also need to know the version number of the first firmware.
4. Can I be sure not to end up with a dead unit?

Best wishes,
Ingemar, SM0ECF

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