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Hm, it belongs in several places. c:\windows\system32\wbem, c:\windows\syswow64\wbem, and a couple others with REALLY long names. The first one of those should be on your path for executables. (The command line "path" command should have the c:\windows\system32\wbem entry.)


On 20180311 05:41, EB4APL wrote:
The COM10 port issue is not definitive. Here one computer uses COM11, other COM13. None of them has anything installed on COM10.
I have noticed that the USB cable has influence in SOME flashing problems.
One problem that I had was due to my main computer not had the system program file "wmic.exe" , which is used by FLASH.bat,  in the right folder. I copied it to its standard location "Windows|System32" and the problem solved. Who knows what did the change.
Ignacio, EB4APL
El 11/03/2018 a las 13:15, jdow escribió:
As a last resort temporarily remove all other USB devices that are not keyboards, mice, touchpads, or CDROMs. And based on something awhile back make sure nothing is sitting on COM10 serial port. There was a series of comments that suggested the ASHF+ device will look like a COM port and may try to land on COM10 by preference.


On 20180311 04:49, W8RMV@... wrote:
Mark Taylor,
You are not alone. I had the same message when trying to flash the latest version 1.6.2.  I have flashed the previous versions successfully & on the same computer (W10 64bit) & USB cable.  I took the cable & HF+ & connected it to my W10 64 bit Laptop & it flashed there, no problems.  I still haven't figured out why my desktop stopped cooperating.  I did notice that my virus protection on the Desktop warned me of a deep guard concern, but disabling the complete security suite, did not fix the flash issue.  And that was the first time my Virus protection did that.  All prior flashes did not trigger the protection.  I do not have that protection suite on my laptop.
73 Bob W8RMV

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