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Mark Taylor


Thanks for all the ideas:  Here's what I've done.  Cumulative and stopping with each step to try.  So far no luck.

- Scraped the erase pads and re erased the unit, being careful to hold it for a full 1 second.  Took all external devices off my laptop.  Checked the computer that Port 10, 11, 12 wasn't in use.  (In fact no ports were listed.) Same as previously.
- Changed cable.  Same as previously.
- turned off virus protection, internet, and firewall.  Same as previously.

I think those were the relevant suggestions I hadn't tried before.

Repeated this on 2 other computers with same responses - 1 laptop and 1 desktop.  Originally on a MSI laptop, then a Lenovo laptop, then a HP desktop.

It's pretty clear that the flash software isn't finding the unit even with downloading the flash software to 3 machines.

Other suggestions?



On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 9:55 AM, Alberto I2PHD <i2phd@...> wrote:

Just a small note based on my personal experience. At first, shorting the two "Erase" pads as shown in the photo did not work...
Then I realized that maybe the pads could have been covered by a transparent layer of protective (and insulating...) paint.
I disconnected the unit from the USB port, and gently scraped the top of the two pads so to expose the bare solder.
Then I reconnected the unit to the USB port, and repeat the shorting procedure.
This time everything worked as it should, and was able to correctly flash the firmware.
73 Alberto I2PHD
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