Re: Rafael Micro R820T2 now discontinued #airspy


On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 03:38 am, Priyasloka Arya wrote:
Thanks for the update Youssef. Did you have any chance to evaluate or gather first-hand information about the performance of R820T2 siblings( (R828D2, R836, R840 )mentioned by you?
The newer tuners are slightly better (lower NF, more DR), but are also more complex and require a lot of work to get right. The datasheets I got in hand reflect different generations with different architectures, but getting a few protos of each tuner can go very quickly.
The driver we wrote for the R820T is slightly different from the original RTL-SDR version (which was written by non-RF linux kernel developers). Things like the tunable IF filter, and fine gain distribution control etc. were first introduced in Airspy because we needed them, then they were backported to many RTL-SDR forks. I expect someone has to do the same job again for the newer tuners.

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