Re: Jumpy FFT Display with SDR# R1651

Ian DXer

Hi Youssef,

Ok shorter msg & I'll try to be as specific as possible:

SETTINGS: 'DEFAULT' (ie/eg. just unzipped r1651 & tried for first time with just frequency changed)
Test Sample Freq: 105.1MHz - very weak signal near strong 150kW signal 104.9MHz. WFM. Also added time stamps...
See image below where I highlight roughly (in yellow the range of the jitter/random jumping of the signal levels.
In this sample outside of 768kHz passpand. noise jumping 15dB. Within passband noise/signals maybe jumping 3dB.
The jumping occurs perhaps 3 times a second - can't be exact.

IMPORTANT: Did some further experimenting, this time with FFT display resolution settings (given your recent work in this area)
& noted that the problem is only evident with FFT Display RESOLUTION settings of 32768 & lower.
The jumping of noise/signals is particularly distracting with 32768 & 16384 settings. The default program setting is of course 32768.

Is this information useful to you Youssef? I have no idea what other setting info I could provide that would be helpful, as it's all basically default settings.

Please let me know if you need further info.


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