Re: Testers needed for Airspy HF+

Dana Myers

On 2/20/2018 11:03 AM, prog wrote:
Any one? C'mon! Don't tell me you only have comments about button colors and the speed of waterfall?
I installed the FW update (without any problem at all).
So far I have done the usual MW/SW listening I normally do
without noting any regression. Haven't had a chance to torture
the HF+ with my e-probe but may get to that today. So far,
so good.

One thing that might count is that I did some MW listening
to a station with a very strong adjacent local. Typically
I'll switch to SSB in this case to avoid the high-frequency
modulation from the adjacent station. I can't say objectively,
and band conditions, etc., but it is possible that this
sounded better the bit I did last night.

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