SDR# GUI Improvement Suggestions

Ian DXer

The following are a couple of SDR# GUI improvement suggestions that I'd like to refer to Yousef Clone #02, or if all else fails Yousef when he has some time :-)

1. For the Volume Slider control: From somewhere around the 50dB position through to the upper most right (60dB presently) it would be advantageous to have a pale red
colour embedded within the slider track to indicate to NEW USERS that audio distortion might be experienced within this range (re previous discussions on the audio distortion)

2.  For the slider controls on the far right of the screen; i.e. controls: Zoom, Contrast, Range & Offset. I'd like to make the following suggestions:-
 a) I have a preference to have the label at the bottom of the slider control (please read on).
 b) Each label needs to be located closer to the slider control to avoid confusion as to which label is associated with what slider (above vs below).
The present positioning of the label equally midway between the upper & lower slider  creates confusion (I'm sure I'm not the only one).
 c) In relation to points a) & b) above. I believe creating an indent depression behind each slider control within which the slider markings, slider button & label would resolve the problem.
Doing the indent GUI changes neatly might intrude a little into the FFT display width, but it would make for a more user friendly experience with SDR#.

Implementation of the above suggestions would improve my experience & hopefully others (also maybe reduce Yousef's time answering future audio distortion enquiries, due to settings)

Thanks for your time.


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