Re: sdrsharp-catcontroller plugin


Not Omnirig but, sometime ago I created a simple python program to permit doppler tracking in SDRSharp from the GPredict satellite tracking program.

The basis of my program lies in a plug in called eartoearoak sdrsharp net remote and can be found here:

The problem however was that GPredict interfaced to a radio via hamlib.

Rather than use the ear to oak sdrsharp-net-remote as a template for a plug in and create something that emulated hamlib, I choose instead to use sdrsharp-net-remote as-is and add an additional layer to translate the sdrsharp-net-remote json commands into hamlib commands which then would control the radio.

I found online a very simple hamlib server written in python created by James Ahlstrom

I cleaned up some of the code and added what I needed and wanted and created what I call which I use regularly to control SDRSharp from either the same computer SDRSharp is running on or via my network from a Raspberry pi running GPredict.

The Hamlib commands are very limited but this small and simple app does what I need. It could be the basis for someone else wishing to extend the concept of sdrsharp-net-remote and hamlib control for SDRSharp, perhaps as a true single plugin.

For anyone interested, my python script can be found here:

the python script is documented with lots of comments and should be relatively easy to get going.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On 2018-02-18 14:15, Ruben Navarro Huedo (EA5BZ) wrote:
Now we need an Omnirig modification ;-)

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