locked Firmware update HF+ (different topic)

Ian DXer

HI Yousef,

Thanks for prompt reply  - much appreciated :-)

I'm all good with your answer to question 2 thanks. (No intention to go back to older firmware unless a problem is encountered, but would not expect that)

To question No.1 again, sorry to be a nuisance, I'm still a little confused by your reply given the dates of the R0.9 & R1.00.00 releases. (not sure if I follow the name changes,
but I think you have provided all new firmware files with the bug removed from an early firmware release, I probably have the bug firmware)
To confirm my understanding of your reply:- 
Am I correct in interpreting your reply that YES I will need to first perform the: "the Recovery Procedure" with my HF+ as it has R1.00.00 firmware & the firmware flashing bug,
which doesn't allow re-flashing without the recovery procedure & yes SDR# 1640 is showing & does show the correct firmware.

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