locked Re: Problems with firmware update HF+


On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 03:29 am, Ian DXer wrote:
So my question(s) is: Do I really have release r1.0 firmware or is there a bug in SDRv1640 that doesn't show the earlier r0.9 firmware that 
I'm postulating that my HF+ really has? I'm confused.
R0.9 is a patched version of R1.00.00 which has a bug that doesn't allow reflashing without the recovery procedure. Note that the naming has slightly changed.

My 2nd Question is: If for any reason, after updating the firmware, I wish to revert one of the older firmware releases, can I for example
re flash from r1.2 back to r1.0?
R1.2 has all the properties of the older firmware versions available as options. But you can reflash any older version if you really insist.

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