locked Re: Problems with firmware update HF+

Ian DXer

Hi Yousef,

Thanks for the recent release of SDR# 1640 & recent firmware releases.

I've just installed SDR#1640 for use my HF+. 
As above I note that v1640 shows my operating firmware as:  R1.00.00 
I was initially a little surprised to see this version as I purchased my HF+ in the first week of January 2018 &
I note from your firmware changelog list on this page: https://airspy.com/airspy-hf-plus/
that v1.0 became available from January 19th, some weeks AFTER I purchased the unit.
I also wish to state that since my purchase & arrival of the HF+ I have not performed a firmware update on my HF+ as yet.
In SDR# v1640 I would have expected to see firmware release R0.9 given the earlier purchase date before v1.0 January 19th release
on airspy groups.io
I ordered my HF+ from ITEAD.CC in the first week of January 2018.

So my question(s) is: Do I really have release r1.0 firmware or is there a bug in SDRv1640 that doesn't show the earlier r0.9 firmware that 
I'm postulating that my HF+ really has? I'm confused.

I'm also asking this question above as I'm wondering if I need to (as per READ.ME file in Firmware packages) first perform
as you QUOTE: "the Recovery Procedure: Due to a bug in the first firmware"
Is the first firmware r0.9 or the version I have in my Early January device, which SDR# v1640 states as: R1.00.00
I'm confused & seek clarification on this matter as I don't know if I need to first perform the more involved "recovery proceedure"
or the simple/straightforward: " Standard Firmware Upgrade Procedure:"

My 2nd Question is: If for any reason, after updating the firmware, I wish to revert one of the older firmware releases, can I for example
re flash from r1.2 back to r1.0?

FYI: I'm using Windows 7 64.

Would greatly appreciate your assistance & clarification on these matters.
Thanks :-)

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