Re: SpyServer and AirSpy HF+ firmware source #airspyhfplus #spyserver #firmware


It never was truly open source in the sense of a GPL or BSD or Apache sort of license. Youssef made the source available but retained full rights and copyright. He felt he noticed some people copying his code for their projects and became upset about it. So he removed the publicly available source. That is, of course, fully within his rights.


On 20180212 07:40, dl9rdz wrote:
As most AirSpy software used to be open source (such as firmware and host software for the AirSpy / AirSpy Mini), has this changed for newer developments? In particular, I am curious about the AirSpy HF+ firmware and the SpyServer. As far as I can see there are no sources available so far. Is making them available under some open source licence planned for the future, or will they stay closed-source products?
(Or did I just not look at the right place?)
Cheers, Hans

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