locked Re: SpyServer on RPi2 - Segmentation fault #spyserver

Mark Bailey

Did you rebuild and install ‘airspyhf’ and ‘rtl-sdr’ from Github sources? And/or if this is a fresh install of Raspbian, did any core libs (like glibc) change between installs? Have you applied all pending updates (https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/raspbian/updating.md)?


Not sure if there were any subtle changes in RPi2B models, but I have two of them with latest spyserver (one with HF+ and the other with RTL-SDRv3) running fine.


However, with the HF+, *BOTH* RPi2s introduce some sort of oscillating interference signal in the lower bands (NOT present when NOT using HF+ on an RPi2 - @2690Khz and 3140KHz here, but all over the LF/MF/HF bands – I’d be curious to see if you see something similar once you get spyserver working):



FWIW, I did notice that when I pinched down on the RPi2 PCB board right behind the HDMI connector while tuned to one of these, both the RF and period frequencies of these shifted a tiny bit. And, when I let go, they shifted back. This may be an RPI2-only issue, but I’m not the only one to have reported this.

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