locked Re: Airspy HF+ on SDR# and volume #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus

Ian DXer

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 02:18 pm, jdow wrote:
We had a discussion of this many years ago. I for one voted to have "excess"
volume range because some signals seemed to be under-modulated, very quiet. This
allows them to be brought up to a level they can be used. I think at the time
we'd settled on 10 dB or 20 dB excess range on the volume control.
Hi jdow,

Thanks very much for your feedback.
That's the answer I needed - thank you :-)

I agree with the deviation/over-modulation comments by some FM broadcasters.
It's often the case with commercial broadcasters particularly that the Chief Engineer (CE) does what the Manger demands/wants, 
sometimes against the better technical judgement of the CE.

As to other comments. Great thing about about the HF+ is that we have choice between Youssef's SDR# & Simon's v3 Console preview.
So far I've been mainly evaluating FM BCB performance of HF+, until I improve my MF/HF antenna set up & investigate & resolve some
more EMI issues.
For general FM BCB listening & RDS info & memory/favourites usage I prefer Simon's SDR-Radio Console v3 program.
For weak signal dxing on FM BCB I prefer Youssef's SDR# with standard tools & addons to improve reception.
Can't please everyone all the time, but nice to have choice :-)

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