locked Re: Airspy HF+ on SDR# and volume #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus

Ian DXer

Hi Youseef/Moij2x,

Okay I have performed a little further testing.

Thanks for additional messages on this. I also wanted to clarify my position, never for a moment did I think the distortion was something to do
with the HF+, but rather an assumed belief of the software implementation within SDR#. 
Really interesting that seemingly few have commented or experienced this, thought there might have been more?
I'm a bit puzzled by this, but could be to do with later generation of sound chips on motherboards or use of external sound card by users I guess?
I'm fine with everything if I keep the audio slider control within SDR# @ <=50dB level

 For my further evaluation: Does 'Audacity' allow for a dB level scale on the Y axis instead of the 0 to 1 scale?

For comparative purposes, I don't have the distortion problem with Simon's SDR Console v3 preview software. 
But subjectively speaking it appears to my ears that:-
1. SDR-Radio Console v3 preview; at highest volume slider setting doesn't appear to provide as high a volume level to the sound card compared to SDR#
at it's highest volume setting.
2. Comparatively re point 1 above. It appears to my ears that there is a much wider audio level range available with SDR# audio slider control than
might otherwise be used in other audio software.
3. It appears to my ears, if I can make some assumptions, that the distortion is caused by audio clipping of the audio signal caused by too high a signal level being
presented to the audio amplifier on PC motherboard from SDR# software.
I don't use an external sound card on this PC. My Motherboard is an ASUS P5E-V HDMI, used for audio.
4. As a result of further testing this morning (just now as I type this); I also get this problem on other spectrum eg MW (haven't tested on HF yet ).

Perhaps more recent soundcards or motherboards allow for a greater signal level input levels from audio software?
For the record within Realtek HD Audio Manager I have speaker level at 100%. Most volume  adjustments (like most folk) are done with speaker external hardware 
volume controls.

My apologies Youssef (in my case) if you thought this problem was unique to FM broadcast WFM reception, it's obviously not in my case. I've been more focused (at present) on the
FM broadcast band since purchasing the HF+ & lack of free time for further exploration.

Maybe winding back the audio range setting in SDR# software code might fix the problem for some of us, but I wouldn't want to suggest that if it negatively effects the
majority of other users reception.

For the record I intend to upgrade most of the PC this year.

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